Yiannis Katsaris
Photography & Motion

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I am a photographer based in London. I have a documentary approach to my photography and I am very fond of natural light. I often design elaborate lighting set ups for commercial commissions, films, theatre and opera shows. Both disciplines enhance each other and their qualities emerge and imprint themselves on each project accordingly.

I work with directors, producers, designers, musicians, actors and journalists. I cherish developing ongoing collaborations as much as meeting new inspiring professionals. 

I am a Senior Lecturer in Photography at The School of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University and a video editor at Panos Pictures.


Panos Pictures, Polimekanos, Company London, Urban Design London, Studio Weave, Spike Island, Staffan Tollgard Design, PR Media Co,  Photoeast, Mahler Foundation, NHS, Action Aid, WaterAid, Chelsea College of Art, Metropolitan University, University of East London, Cityscape, Endemol UK, Yannis Sergakis, Beyond The Valley, Kokomo Jewellery, Anne Stoffels, Temple Velocity, Bonnie Kirkwood, Franca Berr, Greek National Tourism Office, Dash Arts, Foolish People, Go Opera, Theatre Lab Company, Musarc, Operaview. 


2019 Museo Palazzo Riso, Palermo / 'Shifting Stances'

2019 Athens Photo Festival / 'The Desert Behind' 

2019 The Hellenic Centre / 'The Desert Behind' - Book Launch

2018 The Peltz Gallery, London / 'Circus Life: Art and Artistes' - Book: Under the Big Top

2017 Printspace Gallery, London / 'Photography on a postcard'

2016 Bankspace Gallery, Photomonth, London / 'Territorial'

2015 The Proud Archivist, London / ‘The Bear'

2013 Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens / 'The Face of Hope'

2012 IKON Gallery, Birmingham / The Voice and the Lens: ‘Musarc Portraits’

2011 The Hellenic Centre, London  / ‘Illusions of Grandeur

2010 Black’s Member Club, London / ‘Illusions of Grandeur’

2010 Reading Room Gallery, London / ‘Cynopolis’

2008 Ash In Art, Athens / ‘Under the Big Top’

2004 Photosynkiria, Thessaloniki / ‘Prestige Shipreck’

Lighting Design

2017 Winter Konsert, Musarc, Christ Church Spitafields, London

2017 'Seabed', Aggelon Vima, Athens

2017 'Salome', Hoxton Hall, London

2016 'Dancing with the Devil', Sadler's Wells, Lilian Baylis Studio, London

2016 'Macbeth' (LX design and Video Art), National Theatre of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki

2015 'The Sweet Bird of Youth', Alma Theatre, Athens

2015 'The Bear' Opera and Photography Exhibition, Proud Archivist, London

2015 'Savitri' (Opera), St Leonard's Shoreditch Church, London

2014 'Musarc Christmas Concert', Christ Church Spitafields, London

2014 'The Medium', Grimeborn Festival, Arcola Theatre, London

2014 'Wolf Kisses', The Old Red Lion, London

2014 'Salome', Avignon Festival, Theatre Des Amants, France

2014 'The Passion of L'Agamas / Jephte' by Musarc The Cass Faculty of Architecture and Design, London

2014 ‘Medea’, Riverside Studios, London

2013 ‘Psychostasia’, The Old Cholmeley Boys Club, London

2013 ‘Salome’, Cabaret Voltaire, Athens

2013 ‘Bee’, Aggelon Vima, Athens

2013 ‘Lysistrata’, Riverside Studios, London

2012 ‘Salome’, The Old Cholmeley Boys Club, London

2012 ‘Elisabeth’, Aggelon Vima, Athens

2012 ‘Cuba Libre’, Aggelon Vima, Athens

2012 ‘The Oresteia’, Riverside Studios, London

2011 ‘Antigone’, International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama, Cyprus

2011 ‘Medusa, the beheaded lover’, Shunt, London

2010 ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’, The Old Cholmeley Boys Club, London


FT Weekend Magazine, Uncertain States, Glass Magazine, Vitamin Magazine , Respect Magazine (CZ), Outlook India, Wired, IS Magazine (NL), Epsilon (GR), Evening Standard, Insurance Times, Scan Magazine, Vimagkazino (GR), Highlights, SOUL.