One picture per month, 26 August 2014

A rushed decision for a much-needed holiday and I find myself in Costa Blanca. Somewhere along the 200 kilometres of the Spanish coastline lies Benidorm.  Skyscrapers, brollies, topless, tattoos, mojitos! A copycat of Tokyo, Miami and Manhattan in the Mediterranean? I wonder. A post-apocalyptic dreamland!

Tunnel vision: Two local boys on the beach playing. Motion synched… and a back flip! Caught in action. I show them the picture. They look amazed. Probably it’s the first time they see their trick in still. And then comes their question: “WhatsApp?”.

Not quite the reaction I expected. They ask me to send the picture instantly via the popular mobile application. I pause for a second or two. I used my camera, not my mobile - Does that make any difference to them? I can’t send the picture. They don’t bother. Another back flip!

Strolling away with a brighter view over this touristic extravaganza. 


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Yiannis Katsaris