Two days in Madrid

One picture per month, 26 July 2012

While the weather in London was dull and my mood was hitting rock bottom, my friend Anastasia persuaded me to escape to Madrid. We went to visit our friend Denise for her birthday. I had virtually no expectations. Two days gives you little time to experience a city…unless you are visiting locals.

What made the trip so special was the mix of people from different nationalities interacting in perfect harmony. It doesn’t happen very often. The group contained Spanish, Greek, American, Argentinean and French people. We were also representing different generations, ranging from people in their 20’s to those in their 60’s. We felt comfortable, like we had  known each other for years even if I'd only met most of them two hours before. That’s why I like this picture. It makes me feel at home. It’s like a family portrait you'd find one day in a forgotten photo album, or at the bottom of a drawer to remind you of those two days in Madrid.



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Two days in Madrid

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Yiannis Katsaris