'These Train Tracks' Music Video

One picture per month, 2 March 2017

I recently directed and co-produced the new music video ‘These Train Tracks’ by The Alpacas. It’s my second collaboration with the band and Andrei Ionescu, the lead singer and front man of the band. Working closely with Andrei, we developed the concept of the video together building up from the lyrics and a beautiful melody that allows plenty of room for storytelling.


Two brothers moved to London years ago, each in a pursuit of happiness channelled through professional success. (A) is a musician and (Y) works in finance.Even though they live in the same city, due to the velocity of the lifestyle in the metropolis and the diversity of their individual commitments, they lost track of each other. They haven’t met for over a year.

Both have an itchy feeling of nostalgia and adventure, a longing for the old days and for the places where they grew up and spent holidays together with their family.

One day, they both enter a tunnel in different parts of London….


You can view the video on YouTube or Vimeo

And the behind the scenes HERE


The Alpacas are celebrating the release of they new album with a PARTY.

Upstairs at The Castle, E1 1LN

Book your free tickets HERE



There then, hear now - the sound of photography with Mark Aitken.

Today at 4:30 pm, tune in at Resonance FM (104,4 FM) to hear me speaking with Mark about my project ‘Moochie The Clown’.

There then, hear now s the acclaimed radio show broadcast on Resonance fm by Mark Aitken about the sound of photography. Words, music, field recordings, atmospheres are all evoked by images. Hearing is another way of seeing.

This show and past editions podcast here: http://www.thedeepriver.org/past/radio/there-then-hear-now/

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'These Train Tracks' Music Video

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