Supernatural / Metaphysical

One picture per month, 27 June 2014

How does the body translate “supernatural” and “metaphysical” into movement? The attempt to explain their meaning might be difficult.  To allow the body to respond to their essence is even more complex to me.

How does mind and emotions connect to physicality?  A movement expresses an emotion but equally movement can trigger emotion. In everyday life we do not allow ourselves to explore those moments both as a doer and as a viewer. Within a new context a strong subtext sparkles off unexpected reactions conveying long hidden emotions.

I have been photographing Performing Arts for a while now but it’s the first time I have attended Improvisation and Devising workshops. During those sessions what was provided was a platform for actors and performers to discuss, experiment and respond to ideas and suggestions. It is very fascinating to observe how individuals from different backgrounds reflect on ideas translating them into body movement, sound and eventually acting.

The Improvisation and Devising workshops were led by Natalie Katsou organised in collaboration with Theatre Lab Company / Spring 2014.




SALOME in Avignon Off Festival 2014 / France

Theatre Lab Company was invited to participate with our beloved production SALOME in the Avignon OFF / Interantional Theatre Festival.


Director: Anastasia Revi

Production: Martina Reynolds

Lighting Design: Yiannis Katsaris

Costumes: Valentina Sanna

Communication: François-Xavier Alet 

Music Director: Annabelle Brown


Actors: Denise Moreno, Konstantinos Kavakiotis, Helen Bang, Tobias Deacon, Matthew Wade, Benoît Gouttenoire


5-18 July

Theatre Des Amants

1, Place Du Grand Paradis, Avignon



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Supernatural / Metaphysical

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Yiannis Katsaris