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One picture per month, 25 April 2012

During the last three months I was invited to do the lighting design for two big theatre productions. Oresteia that was performed in London at Riverside Studios during March and Cuba Libre that premieres tonight in Greece at Aggelon Vima. In order to set the correct mood you have to follow many rehearsals, know every scene of the play by heart, understand the director’s vision, examine the possibilities of the space and the light sources and finally work closely with the actors and technicians. The challenge is great but my approach is always simple – I try to set the mood for each scene so when it is photographed it would make a good picture. Photography is my guide.

The reward is great. When I look at the pictures I take during the dress rehearsals, I know that the backlight on the actor’s hair or the light coming from an imaginary window is there because I planned it to be there.

I have big control on the pictures I will take after. The process makes me think often of the etymology of the word ‘photography’ that comes from the Greek words ‘φώς’ (light) and ‘γραφή’ (write): to write with the light.


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Photo – graphy

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