Or I’ll shoot!

One picture per month, 24 February 2016

Hands up or I’ll shoot!

If you wanna play you must imagine

That we have a ball and we toss it really high

And it swirls and returns in our hands

It is black and white

Or rather colourful with all the shades of the earth

And all the fragments of the seas


Our mothers heat up milk and they shout our names every hour

We pretend we don’t listen and we keep kicking the invisible


Out here there’s light and air

And the street belongs to us - my boyfriend will take me for a ride on his motorbike

Once we grow up a bit


And you pop up in our alley and you spoil our game with your curiosity


If you are not ready to play, disappear”


By Natalie Katsou



The poetry of photography and writing meet in our recent trip to Marrakesh. It marks the beginning of our new project. More exotic updates will follow soon.


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Or I’ll shoot!

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Yiannis Katsaris