One picture per month, 24 January 2014

Actress Marlene Kaminsky, who will be performing ‘Medea’ in the new production by Theatre Lab Company, was photographed for my new photographic series ‘Personas’ that will be exhibited during 2014. The image was used on the flyer and poster of the production that I am also working on the lighting design.



Persona is a word that derives from ancient Latin and refers to a theatrical mask. It’s meaning today indicates a character in a play and novel or an identity one assumes to display in public, distinct from the inner self. In a sense it’s a mask that acts as a metaphor and adopted for entertainment, protection or disguise.

“Masks have been used since antiquity in various forms - ceremonial, practical or entertainment - and have played a crucial role in the development of understandings about ‘what it means to be human’, because they permit the imaginative experience of ‘what it is like’ to be transformed into a different identity (or to affirm an existing social or spiritual identity). “ *

In my project ‘Personas’ I explore similar ideas about identity and I try to investigate the metamorphosis of the self by using the persons’ own hands. The mask is not externalized or seen as an extra makeshift object put in front of the face. The fact that someone’s own hands alters the facade it raises questions about a transformation that might not even exist.


* Gary Edson, Masks and Masking. Faces of tradition and belief worldwide. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., 2005.


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