Aphrodite’s gift

One picture per month, 7 September 2011

At 37,000 feet
I find the time to breathe the immediate past.
The sidewinding sandy foothills below
Form a crater into which my mind settles,
Before floating gently forwards on candy cotton clouds.
The waking dream of the past week
Seems almost as distant now as it was before;
Echoing the dwindling pin-pricks of rivers, forests and villages below.
The limitless mists that surround us as high sky travelling companions
Obscure the clarity of my recollection
Their impenetrable translucence separating me from yesterday’s vision.
My fellow troubadours and I have once again diverged,
Like single cell organisms separating from the whole,
A oneness that cannot be reclaimed
Until the cycle is complete.
As ancients we inhaled each other,
Exhaling as one,
A shared breath that will forever link us,
And to our journey with the immortal.
The colours of our rebirth into temporary eternity
Have been left behind,
But remain
Forever part of our re-mixed palette,
As the stony sun-kissed scrubland and its belt of perfect azure
Breathed us in return,
Our oxygen shared with another epoch’s collectivity
And another’s
And another’s
Breaking the limits of our mind’s time compass
Dark clouds race backwards above,
A soda stream of conscious thought
Flying to the hour glass sands of the soul.
These days now flow through me
Invisible to all but those who look.
The raindrops and teardrops of love and truth and being
Do not stain us,
But nourish,
As the winding rivers beneath us their flood plains.
For the first time in my recent journey
A passing is mourned,
A thought
And I laugh and ache in the same breath.

This is a poem written on the plane back to London from Cyprus by actor Matthew Wade. It’s his reflection on the short but intense experiences while on tour with Theatre Lab Company at the International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama in Cyprus. Matthew was part of the Chorus for ‘Antigone’. I did the lighting design.


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Aphrodite’s gift

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Yiannis Katsaris