“Aldgate Bauhaus”

One picture per month, 24 May 2016

In the heart of London, just off the City and opposite Whitechapel Gallery, there lies a building of profound significance for the British design. The Central House, also described as the “Aldgate Bauhaus” is home to the Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design (The Cass). Browsing it’s interior, you get a great sense of interconnectivity between craft, art, technology, design and architecture, equipped with studios and workshops that provide the necessary tools and space for creative fluidity. What makes the faculty even more special is the variety of unique courses included in the curriculum – from jewelry design and upholstery, to musical instrument design and screen-printing.

Being part of London Metropolitan University, the building was sold to developers and the school will move to new facilities in Holloway, North London, in 2017. I was commissioned to document the activities within this unique environment for the second time and the pictures will be published in the annual yearbook that features the life, culture and achievements of the academic year 2015 -16. What will happen to the Cass building after that is uncertain; a fact that added an extra layer of significance to my contribution to the book and the faculty’s history.



Lighting Design

Dancing with the Devil

"Dancing With the Devil" by Theatre Lab Company

Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler's Wells

26 - 29 June 2016 @ 7:45pm (matinee 2:30pm, 29 June)

Tickets £20 (£16 concessions)

Box Office: 020 7863 8000

Book online here


A new play by Aletta Lawson based on the life of the dancer Rudolf Nureyev, directed by Anastasia Revi.

Rudolf Nureyev is dying of AIDS. Refusing to accept his fate, and in his desperate hunger for life, he invokes the ghost of Margot Fonteyn to find redemption. With Margot he re-lives his youth, his hardships, his destructive love affair with Erik Bruhn and his stupendous success as a dancer. But he and Margot see the past with very different eyes and gradually he is forced to confront himself – the biggest battle of his life. The journey that these two utterly different people – both blazing talents – embark upon is not only a love story of a kind, but is intricately woven from the very roots and fibres that made Rudolf Nureyev both a cantankerous child and consummate artist.




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“Aldgate Bauhaus”

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